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Mutual Inductance

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8 comments on “ Mutual Inductance
  1. Tausho says:
    Definition: Mutual Inductance between the two coils is defined as the property of the coil due to which it opposes the change of current in the other coil, or you can say in the neighbouring coil. When the current in the neighbouring coil changes, the flux sets up in the coil and because of this, changing flux emf is induced in the coil called Mutually Induced emf and the phenomenon is known as .
  2. Samushakar says:
    May 10,  · Like capacitance, mutual inductance is a geometric quantity. It depends on the shapes and relative positions of the two coils, and it is independent of the currents in the coils.
  3. Dogis says:
    Mutual inductance is when the magnetic field that is generated by a coil induces a voltage in a secondary coil. A transformer works on the principle of mutual induction The formula that can be used to calculate mutual inductance is: M = e m / (dI 1 / dt).
  4. Dulkis says:
    Inductance is the property of a device that expresses how effectively it induces an emf in another device. Mutual inductance is the effect of two devices inducing emfs in each other. A change in current in one circuit induces an emf in the second.
  5. Fenrizuru says:
    We want a transformer to have a large mutual inductance. But an appliance, such as an electric clothes dryer, can induce a dangerous emf on its metal case if the mutual inductance between its coils and the case is large. One way to reduce mutual inductance is to counter-wind coils to cancel the magnetic field produced (Figure ).
  6. Guktilar says:
    Mutual Inductance (The Basis for Eddy Current Inspection)The magnetic flux through a circuit can be related to the current in that circuit and the currents in other nearby circuits, assuming that there are no nearby permanent magnets. Consider the following two circuits. The magnetic field produced by circuit 1 will intersect the wire in circuit 2 and create current flow. The induced current.
  7. Balrajas says:
    The Mutual Inductance block can be used to model two- or three-windings inductances with equal mutual coupling, or to model a generalized multi-windings mutual .
  8. Motilar says:
    Mutual inductance is the main operating principle of generators, motors, and transformers. The property of a coil to change the current and voltage in a secondary coil is called mutual inductance.