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My Bass (Suck-A-DJ Mix)

Posted on by JoJokora Posted in Classic Rock 9 Comments ↓
9 comments on “ My Bass (Suck-A-DJ Mix)
  1. Dashura says:
    Yeah, me neither. And chances are your mixes doesn’t need information THAT low. Some genres call for it, but most of us don’t need that much sub bass. I’ve recently started putting a HPF on my bass and kick drum tracks, rolling off everything below 40 Hz or so. And? Suddenly the bass feels bigger and has more punch and thump.
  2. Kirg says:
    [] A Jolly Good Fellow - Dancing Sparks (Jolly Mix) [] A Jolly Good Fellow - Dancing Sparks [] A Jolly Good Fellow - Keep It Going (Jolly Violins Mix) [] A Jolly Good Fellow - Keep It Going (This Beat Kicks Ass Mix) [] A Jolly Good Fellow - Killer Beats (Extended Mix) [] A Jolly Good Fellow - My Bass (Suck-A-DJ Mix).
  3. Sazuru says:
    Jun 02,  · Those are more necessary with DI electric guitars than basses. Sometimes the bass needs a little more “umpf”, but other times the dry tone works just fine.) If you want to get your amp sims sounding right every time, I made a free cheat sheet to help with mixing bass guitar. Check it out below: Step 3: Balance Your Bass in the Mix.
  4. Bataxe says:
    Understanding sub bass it key for making deep, earth-shaking basslines or for complementing other instruments with low-end richness. Sub-bass will give you a solid foundation to build your mix on. Mixing sub-bass is the tricky part. A lot of home studios are not equipped with the speakers and subs that allow you to fully hear those frequencies.
  5. Kilrajas says:
    Dec 17,  · I've definately learned that a little bass goes a long way in my setup. I should also mention that I am a bass player, which means I want the bass to sound good. Not a problem: before I mix down, I work on the bass sound by itself, then with the drums. When I get the sound fat and happy, I start mixing everything else.
  6. Gogal says:
    My Bass, an album by A Jolly Good Fellow on Spotify. My Bass ( Grand Mix) 3. My Bass (Sylvester Sneakly's Rectal Punch) 4. My Bass (Suck-a-Dj Mix) More by A Jolly Good Fellow. Killer Beats. Dancing Sparks. Dancing Sparks. Killer Beats. Dancing Sparks Released on:
  7. Groshakar says:
    My Bass (Suck-A-Dj-Mix) - () BPM. AMBLUE 01 Jan Buy. from $ A Kay Bj. If I Can't Have You. 21st Century BUY. buy whole release (3 tracks) from $ $ BUY. If I Can't Have You (Factory Team remix) - () BPM BUY.
  8. Zulkilmaran says:
    All Funky/Club House music downloads on MP3 and WAV in stock A Back Catalogue.
  9. Yozshujora says:
    Nov 20,  · Bass Eq Tutorial – Get Your Bass Sound To Sit Well In A Mix November 20, April 17, by Michael Carter After checking out What Is Mixing, today I want to share a few tricks you can use in order to understand bass eq.