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Some Love Dub

Posted on by Mikus Posted in Classic Rock 8 Comments ↓
8 comments on “ Some Love Dub
  1. Fenrinris says:
    Add Ore Monogatari (My Love Story) to the list the dub is great. Nozaki is more of a parody of the romance genre than actual romance, but it’s still got some top notch ships. It’s considered one of the funniest anime ever made though and Juliet Simmons as Chiyo gives the cutest performance I’ve ever heard in a dub.
  2. Akinonris says:
    Dub also refers to a popular genre of music derived from reggae. Related words Dubya, one love, starboy, yout, kaya, winner winner chicken dinner, wagwan, anime freak, otaku.
  3. Zulular says:
    Love it. Bless up ya good self Rich X. TZ Comment by Matthew Foord. soup herb. TZ Comment by adam roberts. Super Nice. TZ. Users who like Love Corporation - Give Me Some Love (Weatherall Remix) [Rich Lane Cotton Dub].
  4. Kazijind says:
    Feb 13,  · referencing Show Some Love, 12", FWT What a stunning tune this is, flip it over for the House Dub mix and you will encounter a sublime dark progreesive tune, from the opening synth stabs the track builds and builds, a stuttered vocal loop comes in and the track breaks down, you think thats it, but the tune starts to build again until towards the end of the track the full breakdown comes in/5().
  5. Fezragore says:
    Dude, When I played them on my end, there were quiet when I when you were like Ohio, my God. that's what get loud. I'm like really, Oh okay. So I just whipped them to the program to love love all the Yeah, that's good. We just went live. Me. I don't see anything you do. It was in the stream starting but you missed it. He just told me that you love.
  6. Kazraktilar says:
    Khago dub special- 50 per song for 3- PayPal or zell) [email protected])) khago WhatsApp DONT own rights to thes beats.
  7. Goltimi says:
    Apr 02,  · a part of the problem with the dub in the freeza arc, may be due to funi redoing the voice acting for some of the characters but not all of them in later releases of dbz, like vegeta's va was redone by sabat to match how he voiced vegeta in the buu saga and newer material, but goku wasnt, so he still sounds like he's doing a imitation of the first goku actor.
  8. Gurn says:
    Some of the highlights tho are: GTO, Texhnolyze, Utena, Princess Tutu, Nadia, 91 days, Daimidaler, Scrapped princess and etc. Anime that I love: Great Teacher Onizuka. Anime that I secretly love: Clannad After story.