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Break Off - Neutral Fixation - Esoteric Counseling (Cassette)

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8 comments on “ Break Off - Neutral Fixation - Esoteric Counseling (Cassette)
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  2. Mezihn says:
    new in factory shrink wrap audio cassette tape titled- controlling the smoking habit by therese ann coddngton --vol. 16 with synthesizer; andy cosentino [therese ann coddington] on diofroskicantlenraegibizpnanelantui.xyzinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. new in factory shrink wrap audio cassette tape titled- controlling the smoking habit by therese ann coddngton --vol. 16 with synthesizer; andy cosentinoAuthor: therese ann coddington.
  3. Mikazshura says:
    You can use the tip of a knife to snap off the tab. Make sure you dispose of the tab and don't allow it to get inside the cassette. Once this tab is gone, you cannot tape over the material recorded on the cassette. Should you change your mind and decide you want to copy over the tape, you can put a piece of tape over the hole.
  4. Zulujar says:
    Purchase a demagnetizer if swabbing with alcohol doesn’t improve the sound quality. Plug the demagnetizer into a wall outlet at least two feet away from the cassette player. Walk toward the player until the demagnetizer is within one-half inch one of the player’s audio heads and then draw it another two feet away before turning it off.
  5. Zologrel says:
    If you want a progressive relaxation CD, this is a very good one. She also uses color imagery after the progressive relaxation section. There is an affirmation sequence following these two sections. She tells you when each section is ending so that you can turn off the cd if you plan to sleep following the progressive relation or color imagery.5/5(2).
  6. Vushicage says:
    Apr 11,  · Personally, I use a small portable cassette player that would not play tapes but was mechanically sound. I removed the heads and some of the plastic cover, then placed a small fixture with a felt pad where the record/playback head was. I saturate the pad with treatment, load a cassette, and place the machine in fast wind mode.
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